CloudBerry S3 Explorer: IAM Policy Wizard

As always we are adding features to make it easier for our customers to use the functionality to offer the most compelling Amazon S3, CloudFront and IAM client on Windows platform.

With the newer release v2.7.5 we extending Amazon Identity Authentication Service (IAM) support and introducing an IAM Policy Wizard.  The wizard allows you to create a number of users, and grant them a set of common permissions to a number of buckets and generate Login Profiles.

Check out here for more info on IAM support in CloudBerry Explorer.

IAM Policy Wizard-1

Run Policy Wizard from the main menu

IAM Policy Wizard-2

Select / create users

IAM Policy Wizard-3

Select a predefined permission set

Note: you can also create Login Profiles for the IAM users so that they can access AWS Console.  you can learn more about Login Profiles here.

IAM Policy Wizard-4

Select buckets

IAM Policy Wizard-5

Generate Policy


Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 2.7.5 and later.

As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a Windows freeware product that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront.

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