How to Archive Amazon S3 Data to Glacier with CloudBerry Backup

how-to-archive-s3-to-glacier-coverAmazon offers a new feature for easy archiving of data from Amazon S3 to Glacier low cost storage. It is a special solution for long-term storage of important data, which is rarely used. We are going to explain how to accomplish that using CloudBerry Backup. If you want to read more about archival options, read our post.

You can archive data in two ways:

  • Direct upload from the user instance to Glacier.
  • Archiving data stored in the user S3 bucket to Glacier storage via Lifecycle policies.

It is possible to create and manage lifecycle policies directly from CloudBerry Backup user interface. You don’t need to make any modifications to backup plans to transfer data, but the only thing you should remember is that the process of archived data retrieval takes 3-5 hours.

Here is a quick guide on transferring data to Amazon Glacier using CloudBerry Backup user interface:

  • Go to the Tools menu and click Lifecycle Policy or use the same option on the left panel.


  • Use Lifecycle Policy dialog window to choose data to be automatically uploaded to Amazon Glacier. It is possible to specify transition timeouts for each item and choose source data to be transferred to Amazon IA storage first (here is the article about Amazon storage classes).

After completion of the transfer operation the backups will appear in the Archives section. From Amazon AWS control panel perspective, the data transferred are not displayed in Glacier storage, but it is still available in S3 bucket.

Ease Amazon Glacier Archiving with CloudBerry Backup
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In case you need the archived data, it is necessary to restore it from Glacier before any other operations are available.

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