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How to Restore MS Exchange using CloudBerry Backup

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CloudBerry Backup is designed for backup and restore for MS Exchange. In this blog post, we will tell how to restore MS Exchange with CloudBerry Backup. Also, you might want to check out our previous article on How to back up MS Exchange to Amazon S3 and other cloud storage.
It takes you two simple steps to restore MS Exchange: download Exchange database and log files from the cloud storage and replace current Exchange files with the restored files. Let's look at entire restoring process step by step.

1. Run CloudBerry Backup.
2. Click on the "Restore" icon.
3. Select an account and database(-s) to restore.
MS Exchange Restore: Pic2
4. Select a location to restore Exchange files and perform a restore with desirable settings.
MS Exchange Restore: Pic3
NOTE: You can't restore to an original location within the wizard, you will need to dismount your current database (if any) and replace Exchange files with restored files.
5. Specify other options to restore (encryption, notification etc.) if necessary.
MS Exchange Restore: Pic4
6. Run the restore plan...
MS Exchange Restore: Pic5
7. Restore is complete. The next step is going to be outside CloudBerry Backup. Launch the Exchange Management Console.
8. Using Exchange Management Console dismount the database(-s) you would like to restore.
MS Exchange Restore: Pic6
9. Locate the log files (see Log Folder Path) and the .edb database file (see Database File Path).
MS Exchange Restore: Pic7
10. Move them to another location (or delete if you no longer need them).
MS Exchange Restore: Pic8
11. Open the folder with the files you have restored and copy these files to the original folders ("Database File Path" for .edb file and "Log Folder Path" for the logs).
MS Exchange Restore: Pic9
12. Mount the Exchange database.
MS Exchange Restore: Pic10
Now, your database is mounted and ready to work. Hope, you enjoyed using CloudBerry Backup.
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