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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 6.1

The new CloudBerry Backup 6.1 is out! The new version brings a set of new features and improvements.

Restore Verification (Beta)

For Image-Based backup plan, CloudBerry Backup 6.1 introduces the restore verification feature (beta in the current version). Using this feature, the application creates and runs a test restore plan that downloads parts of backed up data which is required to start a test Windows virtual machine created with Hyper-V.

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Virtual Disks Exclusion in Hyper-V Backup Plans

The long-awaited feature for Hyper-V users is now available. While building or editing the backup plan, you can exclude unnecessary virtual machine disks for optimizing your backup plan size. An appropriate step in Hyper-V Backup Wizard is introduced.

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Azure Stack Support

In release 6.1, the support of Azure Stack as a cloud storage destination is introduced.

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AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region

CloudBerry Backup 6.1 has been updated to include support for storing data in Amazon's Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region. Now, you have the option of creating Amazon S3 Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region storage buckets from CloudBerry Backup.

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