Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.2 with Cache Limit

We are excited to introduce a new version of CloudBerry Drive that comes with the following enhancements:

In this post, we provide detailed information on the new enhancements:

How to Set Cache Size Limit in CloudBerry Drive

In previous versions there was no limit for the cache that CloudBerry Drive uses for uploadings. Starting from v2.2 you can limit the cache size that allows you to control your disk space.

1. Click on the Drive icon in the system tray and choose Options.


2. Switch to the Advanced tab, select the Limit size cache check box and specify the limit. By default the cache folder is unlimited. Drive_Advanced

Once you set or change the cache limit, you need to restart the service by going to the CloudBerry Drive tray icon and choose Stop Drive Service then Start Drive Service.

New Storage Providers in CloudBerry Drive

CloudBerry Drive now supports new storage providers: Verizon, VMware vCloud Air powered by EMC and VMware vCloud Air powered by Google. You can find them in the list of available storage providers:

1. Go to Drive options, select the Storage Providers tab and click Add.


2. In the Storage Providers drop-down menu, you can find the new providers.



Newer version of CloudBerry Drive allows you to control your local disk space by setting a limit to the cache folder. Also we have a number of new storages that are now supported: Verizon, vCloud Air (powered by Google, powered by EMC).


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