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Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0

A year and a half after the initial release, CloudBerry Remote Assistant receives its first major update. In release 2.0, we're bringing you the highly-anticipated direct connection option as well as several other features and improvements.

Direct Connection

Prior to release 2.0, CloudBerry Remote Assistant initiated connections by leveraging a CloudBerry server to channel the data between the two connected computers. This approach can result in performance issues for some users, especially when connecting over long distances / intercontinental connections.

To improve performance in Remote Assistant 2.0, we implemented a new Direct Connection feature that establishes a direct connection between two computers without the need for any central server orchestration of data.

Direct Connection works with computers in the same network and with remote computers. For remote connections, CloudBerry Remote Assistant leverages the UPnP protocol. If a UPnP connection cannot be established, Remote Assistant falls back to using the CloudBerry server to establish and manage the remote connection.

Command-Line Interface

CloudBerry Remote Assistant now has a command-line interface (CLI); something that has been requested by many of our users. The range of CLI functionality includes configuration of the app's settings and initiation of connections. Refer to our online help for detailed information on the new CLI.

Tray Icon

Previously versions terminated the application when closing the main Remote Assistant window. This caused some inconvenience for users because remote computers would no longer be reachable. In response to a close of the main windows in release 2.0, we now have an option to minimize the app to the Windows Tray instead, where it can be quickly reopened.


CloudBerry Remote Assistant for Windows continues improving and version 2.0 gains a number of highly-anticipated features like Direct Connection and a new Command-Line Interface. Feel free to check out CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0 and share your feedback in the comment section below.