MSP Voice Episode 17 – Jay Wong from Xyber Solutions

MSP Voice Episode 17 – Jay Wong from Xyber Solutions

This week’s guest is Jay Wong from Xyber Solutions in Perth Australia. Jay started is “PC shop” with a dream and a credit card and now runs a successful business with projects and customers in multiple countries. Jay shares his passion for technology and how he has grown his business. More about Jay’s story here: Daring to dream

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Here are the topics we've discussed during the Best of Internet and Best of Reddit:

  • ENGINEERS continuing Ed

How do you motivate engineers to continue learning, even when you’re paying for everything they need to do it?

  • Becoming an Apple Consultant
Apple is no longer accepting new applications and others report that the entire ACN program is being “retooled”.

  • Minimum Tech/Software Requirements for an on-going service contract

Do you require a customer meet certain standards before you take them on or do you have it built into your onboarding process?

  • Offering DaaS

Should you offer Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?