Support of Windows Command Line Interface and OpenStack Regions in CloudBerry Drive

CloudBerry Lab constantly works on enhancements of our products in order to make them even better. Today we are glad to present an upgraded CloudBerry Drive - a powerful application for Windows which allows mounting cloud storage as a local drive. Now CloudBerry Drive can be installed and configured via the Windows Command Line interface and supports regions for OpenStack-based cloud storage services.

Windows Command Line and CloudBerry Drive

Install and activate CloudBerry Drive

  • A command for silent install:

    CloudBerryDriveSetup_v1.2.0.13.exe /S (is performed under administrator account)

  • A command for requesting CloudBerry Drive trial:
    cbd.exe /activatelicense -t -e email (is performed under administrator account)
  • For registering CloudBerry Drive license key:
    cbd.exe /activatelicense -e email -k your_license_key (is performed under administrator account)

Register a Storage Account with CloudBerry Drive

  • A command for registering a cloud storage account: cbd.exe addAccount -d account_display_name -st storageType -ac firstKey -sk secondKey -sp servicePoint -ssl yes/no

Create a Mapped Drive with CloudBerry Drive

  • A command for creating a mapped drive: cbd.exe addDrive -d DriveLetter -an AccountName –path container/folder -label VolumeLabel

Start, stop and restart CloudBerry Drive

  • A command for starting CloudBerry Drive service: cbd.exe /startservice
  • A command for stopping CloudBerry Drive service:  cbd.exe /stopservice
  • A command for restarting CloudBerry Drive service: cbd.exe /restartservice

Mount and unmount cloud storage mapped as a drive

  • A command for mounting mapped drive: cbd.exe /mountDrive “DriveLetter”
  • A command for unmounting mapped drive: cbd.exe /unmountDrive “DriveLetter”

OpenStack Regions and CloudBerry Drive

Users of CloudBerry Drive now can mount OpenStack containers that are located in different regions as a network drive. Previously users of OpenStack-based cloud storage services could mount only buckets that are located in the default regions of cloud storage services. Now a bucket in any region can be mapped with CloudBerry Backup. That enhancement affects HP Cloud, Rackspace and other OpenStack Swift-based cloud storage users.


We hope that enhanced CloudBerry Drive meets your needs and will become a tool of choice for you. Mounting cloud storage account as a network drive can sufficiently enhance usability of cloud storage. And latest enhancements in CloudBerry Drive can significantly speed things up and make usage of cloud storage as a network drive even more convenient.
CloudBerry Drive is a cost-efficient and powerful tool that makes mounting cloud storage account extremely easy for everyone. And you can try CloudBerry Drive for free right now.
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