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CloudBerry Backup for Synology – FAQ

CloudBerry Backup for Synology – FAQ

General Questions

Q1: What is defined as "local" storage -- a volume on the Synology, External USB drive, a network share available over the LAN?

A: All above is considered a local storage.

Q2: What happens if the Synology device fails or is destroyed? How to restore from a backup back to local storage? Is the local storage totally portable and self-contained? does it contain file indexes / database ?

A: There is no need for indexes/database.

Q3: If the backup is encrypted, how is the key restored if the Synology install is destroyed?

A: You need to remember the key that you used to encrypt data.

Q4: If the Synology device is destroyed, is there another client that can restore the data from Amazon S3 archive?

A: You can use all editions of CloudBerry Backup to restore the data . They are fully compatible. The restore is always free.

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Q5: Is CloudBerry Explorer compatible with backups CloudBerry Backup for Synology makes?

A: No! CloudBerry Explorer is not designed as a restore tool for CloudBerry Backup. You should use CloudBerry Backup Restore Wizard.

Q6: Can items in S3 be archived to Glacier using CB Explorer?

A: Yes, but you will not be able to restore them with the Synology restore utility as of now. We will address that later. You can restore them on a Windows system though.

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Q7: If I have multiple Synology devices at multiple locations, do I purchase multiple licenses under the same email address, or does each site need a different id?

A: You need a license per device. It doesn't matter what email you use though.

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